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To err is human;
edit, divine.

Hi, I'm Oindrila!
I'm here to give your creativity the direction it needs.
So here's what I do:

I work with you to make
the best version of itself.


your copy

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For Students

Free consultation for students applying to UK universities, SOP editing services


For Writers

Copy editing, proofreading, developmental editing for short stories, features and advice on relevant writing platforms to submit works to



Nonprofit Organisations

& Start-Ups

Branding, digital presence, development communication, marketing and social media starter pack at subsidised rates


Brand Building

& Strategy

Brand building consultation, brand and content strategy, internal communications strategy for Non-profits, independent businesses

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Social Media

& Marketing

Social Media Strategy and content plan in line with organisation goals, covering relevant social platforms



Professionally designed resume/CV, poster, certificate, digital magazines 



Content editing/packaging, placement and layout as per brand guidelines

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A little about me

I have a penchant for handcrafted papers, hibiscus tea, and all things vintage. I’m a voracious reader and find myself more in love with words, with each passing day. I strive to seek out projects that I'm passionate about working on and especially enjoy engaging with women entrepreneurs (if you're one, just drop me a line, would love to know what you're up to!).



After completing my Masters in Magazine Journalism from Cardiff University, I worked with publications like Litro, Icy Tales, The Swaddle and was also involved within the social sector. With 4+ years of experience, I am currently engaging in projects in the capacity of an editor, strategist and brand consultant.

My writing has found a place in numerous publications including Love in Trying Times, Popshot, Icy Tales, Alt Cardiff and

Go With Me (a magazine conceptualised and launched during my time at the University)..

Oindrila Gupta
M.A. Magazine Journalism
Cardiff University

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