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Brand building consultation, brand and content strategy, internal communications strategy for Non-profits, independent businesses

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Branding, more often than not, is something that most people have heard of, but only some, know of. The right branding has the ability to build a relationship, and connect with your target audience in a way that ensures long term value. I will work with you through the brand journey, to arrive at the three components of brand building

  • Brand Strategy - Understanding your brand personality and ensuring consistency, connection & a cohesive approach in alignment with organisation goals. 

  • Brand Identity - Deriving from the strategy, develop a style guide including a pallette, typography, templates for communication/design  

  • Brand Marketing -  Arriving at opportunities for reaching your target audience, potential collaborators, relevant brand extensions, brand campaigns

Getting your branding right will ensure that your audience recognises & trusts you, and chooses you over your competitors. It will also contribute to long term goals and help build strong relationships with your colleagues thus helping with employee retention.

Rates will depend on the scope (time invested in workshopping), starts from Rs 25,000. Get in touch via the contact form to schedule a free introductory call.  

A strong social media presence targeted at the relevant audience for your brand can make or break your organisation. In the aftermath of covid, your social media strategy determines how you connect with your audience and the support you receive from them. I will work with you to understand your target audience and engagement goals to devise a strategy that works best for your organisation. This may include the ideal platforms for your brand, campaigns, collaboration opportunities, a brief competitor analysis, pillars for content creation and templates for regular postings. 

I will develop a content calendar (also called an editorial calendar) basis strategy which will specifically look into using resources and information at your disposal to generate content that is relevant to your audience and can affect user behaviours positively, helping you grow and build your network.  

Rates will depend on the scope : Rs 25,000 - Rs 50,000

Get in touch via the contact form to schedule a free introductory call.  

It is important for your colleagues to identify with your brand vision, voice and personality. A consistent internal comms strategy will enable you to connect with your teammates/employees, ensure organic assimilation of your brand voice, and will help your teammates identify with the organisation goals.  

To this end, I conduct workshops with members of your team, helping them understand the brand journey and be a part of it. I also deliver an internal comms strategy that aligns with your organisational goals and starts you off in the right direction with relevant campaigns.

Rates will depend on the scope (time investment in workshopping), starts from Rs 7,000. Get in touch via the contact form to schedule a free briefing call.  

Building your own magazine or an online blog can significantly increase your engagement with your audience. However, if not done right, you could as easily be investing time, effort and resources into something that will not deliver the expected results. 

I will work with you to understand your audience, brand and goals, and conceptualise your newsletter/magazine/online blog taking into account necessary pillars/sections, design aesthetic, editorial structure (flat planning), if/how to monetise the extension. I may also support the implementation/execution of the same depending on the project.    

Brand Building, Social Media & Strategy

1. Building a brand that makes a lasting impression

3. Internal Communication workshops and strategy

2. Developing a social media strategy and plan

4. Building a magazine/blog as a brand extension

Brand Building
Social Media Strategy & Plan
Internal Communication workshops and strategy
Magazine/Blog development
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