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Editing services for fiction (short story), blogs, articles, reports, ppts.

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Did you know T.S. Eliot's The Wasteland had initially been titled 'He Do the Police in Different Voices'? Many critiques suggest, had it not been for Ezra Pound's intensive editing, Eliot's magnum opus would not be what it is today. 

Having worked in literary publications, and published fiction of my own, I understand the tedious journey a narrative must undergo before being sent to a publication. As a writer, you may have beautiful stories but having an editor who is not personally attached to the writing work on it, can help a narrative realise its true potential. For this, here are the types of editing I provide:

  • Developmental Editing: This is usually the first stage of editing after you have put a draft together. Here I will work with you on structural changes, focus on the story arc or loopholes within the plot, character building, inconsistencies, any political incorrectness issues, the voice and style of your writing. The suggestions will be marked out against the document which will be discussed over a call and an overview of the narrative will be given. Developmental edits can be extensive. To see two of your favourite paragraphs cut down to 3 lines or a secondary character removed altogether, can be hard but it always makes the narrative stronger.


  • Copy editing and Proofreading: In this kind of editing, I will go through the narrative for sentence structure, word choice and expression, clarity, grammar, spelling errors, formatting and punctuation. This is usually the last stage of edit. 

Developmental Editing: Starting at Rs.5,000 for 3,000 words 

TIME: 1 week - 3 weeks depending on the content

Copy Editing & Proofreading: Starting at Rs 2,500 for 3,000 words depending on the content

TIME: 1 week depending on the content

Package Deal including developmental editing & proofreading at Rs 7,000 for 3,000 words

For shorter works or free guidance sessions on relevant platforms to submit your writing to, or ongoing short story competitions, get in touch with me here. 

Often freelance articles or feature pieces land up in the rejected pile not because what you're saying is not worthwhile, but because of how you're saying it. Sometimes a work, though relevant, needs a little too much time to be polished. This may include structural changes, adjusting the logical flow, clarifying or elaborating on certain points, correcting grammatical and spelling errors, etc. 

Depending on the scope of the changes, I will edit the document and work with you to arm you with the best chance at being published. I also help with creating pitch documents for articles and recommending relevant publications for your genre of work. 

Rates will be based on the scope of work. Get in touch with me via the contact form below to receive a quote. I also take bulk orders for these. 

For Writers

1. Short Story & Prose

(Building a narrative)

2. Blogs, Features, Articles & Reports

Short Story Editing
Blogs/feature/article editing
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